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  • Grape purple fused glass with silver mica painted dots
  • Cinjo chime with lavender quartz and fused glass
  • Hanging wire for Cinjo lavender quartz chime
  • Lavender quartz and clear glass beads on Cinjo chime
  • Cinjo lavender quartz chime with sky in background
  • Lavender Quartz Chime on Neutral Tile
  • Lavender Quartz Chime on Tile Showing Reverse Side
  • Cinjo chime instructions
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Cinjo Handmade

Lavender Quartz Wind Chime

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Gemstone wind chime made with genuine lavender quartz gemstones and hand-painted fused glass. Perfect gift for the gardener, new home owner, host or hostess, favorite teacher. Simple design. Just drape the wire over a hook or nail and let the glass pieces touch to create the sound.

❁ Lavender quartz beads are free-form, oval shaped, about 3/4". Smaller lavender quartz beads are round and about 1/2". Polished smooth, jewelry-grade, in various shades of light purple/lavender.
❁ Large glass beads are heavy and solid, with a reflective finish, almost an inch in diameter.
❁ Chime includes 30 quartz beads and 20 large glass beads.
❁ Light grape-colored glass has hand-painted dots in bright white with a dash of silver mica. Design is fused in and permanent. Each glass piece is 6"X 1"X1/4".
❁ Wire is coated stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance. Covered with silver lined seed beads.
❁ Hanging length is 30 inches.