Apatite Sun Catcher
Fused Glass with captured bubbles
Apatite Sun Catcher
Apatite gemstone beads with glass crystal beads
Apatite Sun Catcher
Apatite Sun Catcher hanging from Palo Verde tree with yellow flowers
Apatite Sun Catcher hanging from Palo Verde tree
Cinjo Handmade

Small Apatite Sun Catcher with Clasp

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Small sun catcher for rear view mirror or home/garden decor.

Welcome gift for the new driver, new car owner, host or hostess or your favorite teacher or employee.

❁ Clear fused glass piece is hand cut and drilled, diamond shaped, 1" X 1". Blue bubbles have been fused into the glass and are permanent
❁ Apatite beads are round and almost 3/16"
❁ Glass crystal beads, 3/8", bicone shaped, with a reflective finish
❁ Silver plated clasp can be connected directly to a ring or used to wrap the wire around a post up to 1-1/4" in diameter
❁ If you need more length, please add this extension to your cart: https://www.etsy.com/listing/959697294/extension-for-rear-view-mirror-charm
❁ Stainless steel wire is silver coated and covered with silver-lined seed beads
❁ Maximum hanging length is 9"