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Green Crazy Lace Agate Wind Chime
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Green Crazy Lace Beads with Large Clear Beads
Green Crazy Lace Agate Wind Chime Coiled on Neutral Tile
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Green Crazy Lace Agate Chime

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Garden wind chime made with green crazy lace agate beads, large lamp worked beads and teal green fused glass. Simple design - just drape the wire over a nail or hook and let the glass pieces touch to create subtle, meditative sound.

❁ Green crazy lace agate beads are 3/4 inches with beautiful banded markings, polished smooth
❁ Agates are paired with large, clear glass beads with a reflective finish
❁ Glass is fully fused and annealed, transparent teal green with fused-in hanging wire
❁ Hanging length is 30 inches from the middle of the wire to each end