Amazonite Wind Chime Coiled on Neutral-Colored Tile
Amazonite Wind Chime Hanging from Hook
Amazonite Wind Chime
Top of Amazonite Wind Chime
Closeup of Amazonite Beads
Amazonite Wind Chime Glass
Amazonite Wind Chime
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Amazonite Stone Patio Chime

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Bead and glass wind chime for the patio, porch, deck, garden, yard. Made with large heart-shaped Amazonite stones and fused sea-green glass.

Perfect gift for the gardener, new home owner, a friend or your host/hostess.

Simple design - one long stainless steel wire covered with glass and stone beads with fused glass pieces at each end. Drape the center of the wire over a nail, hook or tree branch. The glass pieces clink together creating a subtle, meditative and soothing sound.
  • Individually hand-crafted
  • Amazonite beads are large, 1-1/8 inch hearts, paired with smaller round Amazonite beads and clear glass beads. 
  • Glass pieces are fused by me in my kiln up to 1450 degrees F and fully annealed for strength. Glass is transparent sea-green with white wispies. Each piece is 6"X1"X1/4" with a fused-in hanging ring.
  • Hanging length, from the center of the wire to each end is 30".