Three Auralite Amethyst beads in hanging sun catcher
Small auralite stone and crystal sun catcher hanging with sky in background
Silver clasp and chain wrapped around shepherd's hook
Close up of two auralite beads with round crystal bead in between
Small crystal prism
Auralite Sun Catcher
Auralite Sun Catcher
Cinjo Handmade

Auralite 23 Crystal Car Charm

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Car rear view mirror charm made with genuine Auralite gemstone beads with glass crystal beads and a small crystal prism. Also great for the home as hanging window or tree decor.

❁ Auralite beads are almost 1/2" in diameter, round and polished smooth. They are clear purple with dark inclusions.
❁ Round, faceted crystal beads are 6mm in diameter and from Austria
❁ Crystal sphere from Egypt is 1" in diameter
❁ Includes a clasp that can be connected directly to a ring or used to wrap the wire around a post up to 1-1/4" diameter
❁ An extension is available if you need additional length to wrap around a larger rear view mirror post
❁ Maximum hanging length is about 9 inches