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Cinjo Handmade

Blue Agate Patio Chime with Crystal Crosses

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Hand-crafted chime for your patio, porch, deck or garden. Made with genuine, faceted, light blue agate stones paired with large, reflective glass beads and crystal cross beads.  

Glass is fused with copper oxide to create bubbles. Additional aqua blue glass pieces add color and depth. Fully annealed for strength and longevity.  Each glass piece is 6"X1"X1/4".

Stainless steel, 49-strand wire with stainless crimps.  Hanging wire is fused into the glass.

Drape the center of the wire over a nail, hook or tree branch.  The glass pieces clink together creating a subtle, meditative and soothing sound.

Hanging length is 31 inches.

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