Blue Crazy Lace Agate Beads with Clear Glass Beads Hanging in Sun Catcher
Fused Glass with Bubbles
Blue Crazy Lace Agate Sun Catcher
Blue Crazy Lace Agate Sun Catcher
Cinjo Handmade

Blue Agate Small Sun Catcher with Clasp, 10 inches long

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Small sun catcher made with genuine blue crazy lace agate stone beads with fused bubbly glass.

Individually hand-crafted. Can be used as window decor, garden decoration, as a ceiling fan pull or a rear view mirror charm. Wonderful and welcome gift for your favorite teacher.

- One-of-a-kind
- Agate stone puffed pillow beads are about 1-7/8"X1-5/8" in size with amazing "crazy lace" markings in various shades of blues, grays and tans
- A total of 3 agate beads paired with 2 clear glass beads
- Glass piece is 1-3/4"X5/8". Includes small bubbles created by copper fused into the clear glass. Bubbles are permanent and will not change or fade
- Clasp can be connected directly to a ring or used to wrap the wire around a post
- Top wire can be wrapped around a post up to 1-1/4". See our extension if you need more length.
- Stainless steel wire is covered with silver-lined seed beads
- Hanging length is 10"