Botswana Agate Patio Chime Hanging from Hook
Botswana Agate Patio Chime Coiled on Neutral Tile
Top of Botswana Agate Patio Chime
Bead Closeup of Botswana Agate Patio Chime
Glass for Botswana Agate Patio Chime
Botswana Agate Patio Chime in Desert Landscape
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Pink Botswana Agate Patio Chime

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Wind chime made with beautiful Botswana Agate beads and hand-painted fused glass. A unique and welcome gift for the gardener, new home owner, your host or anyone who enjoys beauty in the backyard. Simple design. Just drape the wire over a hook or nail and let the glass pieces touch to create the subtle, meditative sound.

~ Handmade, individually crafted
~ Botswana Agate beads are 10mm (3/8") in diameter, jewelry quality, nicely polished with beautiful banded markings in pink, white and gray. Paired with 20mm (1-3/4") clear glass beads with a reflective finish
~ Chime includes 26 agate beads and 24 clear glass beads
~ Fused glass at the bottom of the chime is transparent "light grape". Glass is fully fused and annealed. Each glass piece is 6"X 1"X1/4".
~ Wire is coated stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance. Covered with silver lined seed beads.
~ Hanging length is 30 inches.
~ To hang this chime, drape the wire over a nail or hook or from a small but sturdy tree branch. You want the pieces of glass to be close enough to clink together. The glass is thick and strong but avoid hanging the chime very close to stationary objects that could be hit and cause breakage. Given space to move in the wind, this chime should hold up to most weather but it's best to bring inside during extreme cold and extreme winds.

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